The Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione, Innovazione e Ricerca Educativa (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) – Indire – is the oldest research agency of the Ministry of Education.

Since its inception in 1925, the Institute accompanies the evolution of the Italian school system by investing in training and innovation and supporting school improvement processes.

Indire is the reference point for educational research in Italy. It develops new didactic models, experiments the use of new

technologies in training courses, promotes the redefinition of the relationship between the spaces and times of learning and of teaching. The Institute boasts a consolidated experience in the service-training of teaching, administrative, technical and ancillary staff and of school directors, and was protagonist of some of the major learning experiences on a European level.

Together with Invalsi and with the inspection body of the Ministry of Education, Indire is part of the National Evaluation System in the realm of education and training, where it develops support actions for the improvement processes of didactics to raise learning levels and for the proper functioning of the scholastic context.

Through quantitative and qualitative monitoring, data banks and research reports, Indire observes and documents phenomena tied to the transformation of the core curriculum in technical and professional education and to topics related to school and work.

The Institute has the task of managing Erasmus+, the new program by the European Union for education, training, youngsters and sports for the period 2014-2020.

And still on an international level, Indire is part of the EUN– European Schoolnet Consortium, comprised of 31 Ministries of Education of European countries, that promotes the innovation of educational processes in a trans-national dimension. The Institute focusses on Europe also through its many collaborations, thanks to which it is able to contribute to the development of a network of contacts, exchanges, information flows and experiences amongst schools, students, companies and institutions throughout the countries of the European Union.

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