Scuola Superiore San Micheletto is a Higher Training Campus organized with University Institutions. Its mission is the creation of a place for study and research on innovative didactics that fills the void in the Italian scenario for what concerns Higher Training on teaching school, uniting for example technologies and competences, learning spaces and “school time”, formal and non-formal education.

SSSM is partnered with IUL (Italian University Line – public telematics University, not state-owned, a consortium between UNIFI and INDIRE) and with the IMT School for Advanced Studies of Lucca (public academic institution organized as a PhD university and research center), and through them, with the most qualified teachers of Italian and international universities.

The didactic model of SSSM is prevalently blended, and the classroom activities will be concentrated in Lucca and in other Italian cities through full-immersion cultural events.